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Point Loma Location is OPEN!

Dear lash-o-holics, we are pleased to announce that our second location located in Point Loma is now taking appointments. We appreciate your support and see you there!

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We want you to have the best experience getting your lashes done in the most comfortable and safest way possible using state-of-the-art techniques. Speaking with a lash artist is a first step toward getting your desired lash design uniquely to you and to ensure all your questions answered.

We provide the luxury and comfort experience when it comes to lashing. From the moment you walk in to when you are admiring your new set of lashes in the mirror on the way out, nothing is less than perfect!

The routine is simple yet can prolong your brand new lashes, keeping you look one hundred percent, makeup free! Click here for more after care tips.

Best Lash Salon in San Diego

Our Services

Why do people choose lashes extensions and lashes lift? Because they enhance your lashes length and curl in a semi-permanent way, saving you time everyday from makeup and more time conquer the day!

Lashes extensions are very safe and require little maintenance. You only need to come in every couple weeks for a touch up and an after care routine that only takes minutes each day.

Our lashes are like no other, they are flat and featherlight!

How are flat lashes different from conventional lashes?

As their name suggests, flat lashes are flat and oval-shaped at the base, whereas conventional lashes are rounded. A flat base means a larger, wider surface area, which in turn means the extensions bond more effectively with the natural lashes. Better bonding = lashes that stay in place for longer.

Another difference between cashmere flat and conventional lashes is the weight. Flat lashes are lighter, offering the width of a 0.15mm lash extension without adding extra weight. 0.15mm thickness flat lashes will feel like 0.07mm conventional lashes. Darker, thicker lash looks can be achieved but won’t feel uncomfortable or damage the natural lashes. This makes flat lashes ideal for clients with thin and/or short natural lashes.

flat lashes vs traditional lashes_edited.jpg

What are the main benefits of flat lashes?

  • Adhere better to the natural lashes for longer wear

  • Build volume and texture without adding extra weight

  • Allow you to create darker, more dramatic lash looks

  • Lightweight and comfortable, even on short or thin lashes

  • Only a small amount of glue is needed for application

​Flat lashes are available only in Petite Classic, Unlimited Classic, and Hybrid Sets.

Best Lash Salon in San Diego


Glorious Lash & Brow is a beauty salon specializing in eyebrow and eyelash services. We have the best team of highly trained lash artists in San Diego. Mapping lash designs isn’t ‘one-size-fits-all’. Understanding lash extension curls, thickness, length, and how each fit individual eye shapes is what we excel. We have served many happy clients and counting. Come on in for an exceptional experience and enjoy your new "wake up without makeup" routines!

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